Quantum Stretching: a quasi-copy technique of arbitrary qubits for quantum internet

ABSTRACT. Quantum stretching is a technique to make quasi-copies of an arbitrary qubit without violating the No-Cloning Theorem. These quasi-copies of the original qubit contain all the information of the original but at the cost of duplication in its size each time the technique is applied. Basically, a stretched bit or subit is obtained applying a single, unitary and reversible gate, i.e., we can recover the original qubit from its subit. Quantum stretching will allow us simultaneous teleportation to multiple destinations of the same subit, with the consequent potential that this has for quantum internet in configurations from 1 to N, however, always taking into account the duplication of qubit size to be quasi-copied every time the technique is applied. Finally, quantum stretching is particularly useful to make satellite bifurcations in the quantum internet context.

Teleporting Digital Images

ABSTRACT. During the last 25 years the scientific community has coexisted with the most fascinating 9 protocol due to Quantum Physics: quantum teleportation (QTele), which

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